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Find out how Advent Group has saved and sustained organisations savings and helped them stay ahead of regulation and competition:

 ACT Government Media Release

ACT Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch has announced that ACT public schools will benefit from a new PC Power Management software program to reduce computer energy use.

New energy saving computer software is being rolled out in ACT public schools from February, which will result in massive power savings over time,” ~ Ms Burch said. The ACT Education and Training Directorate has negotiated 16,756 operating licences for the Power Manager software from local ACT distributor Zallcom and national supplier company Advent Group.

White Papers

 Why Windows Power Management Settings Are Not Enough for Effective Power Management

‘Why are the integrated power management features of Microsoft Windows not enough?’ This question is due to a decade of confusion and misinformation regarding Microsoft Windows native power management abilities.

 Carbon and Computers in Australia

The Energy Consumption and Carbon Footprint of ICT Usage in Australia in 2010. A report for the Australian Computer Society by Connection Research.

 Independent Ovum Report on PC Power Management

White paper from Ovum research. The cost of electricity is rising and for many organizations so too is their IT power bill. PC power management solutions can be a cost-effective way for organizations to reduce energy consumption, and therefore operating costs.


Advent Group can run 10-15 minute online meetings/teleconference for organisations  to help address some key questions:

  • How can PC power management help improve efficiency?
  • Why might it be different to what we already have?
  • How can we save money?
  • How can Advent Group’s system help me engage my organisation?
The main purpose here is see if there is a potential fit together and to fully understand the current situation in an organisation. It is really more of a Q&A than anything else.

If you are open to the possibility of considering this, simply email info@adventgrp.com.au with your preferred time or call  (02) 8854 5300 to book this in.