Easily Conserve Energy & Reduce its Cost


“The cheapest and most available new source of energy is the energy we waste”

~ Samuel Bodman, Former U.S. Department of Energy Secretary

Advent Group is a sustainability solutions provider based in North Sydney.

We specialize in sustainability within Information Communications Technology (ICT), which is responsible for nearly 2.7% of Australia’s total carbon emissions.

We help conserve energy and reduce the cost of  energy in a faster, easier and more affordable manner than ever before. In addition, we help reduce the carbon footprint for customers across government, education, and commerce sectors.

Advent Group helps companies who are open to some different perspective on ways to:

  • Avoid overpaying on rising Australian electricity prices – projected to rise by another 30% by 2013/2014.
  • Eliminate the threat of being penalized by green government legislation, such as the Australian Federal Government Carbon Tax and
  • Create sustainability awareness for staff in terms of reducing their carbon footprint
Advent Group prides itself in its ability to deliver quality sustainability solutions, on time, on budget and to the customer’s satisfaction.  Our consulting services optimise efficiency by addressing people, process and technology issues - simultaneously.

The Service Delivery arm of Advent Group is responsible for all activities associated with end to end delivery, which includes planning, customer design, network integration, system integration, project management, customer reporting, commissioning, handover and support.

All aspects of every project are the responsibility of a dedicated Advent Group Project Manager.  The responsibilities include delivery on time, on budget, on customer specification and to quality standards.  Advent Group has a responsible and nimble project management team.  When necessary we will manage the workflow by outsourcing solution build to a single skilled and competent contractor that is ISO accredited.  This allows Advent Group to quickly scale delivery to meet customers’ requirements.

If you are open to a short conversation to see how we can potentially help conserve energy and reduce the cost of your energy from ICT, then you might like to give us a call on (02) 8854 5300 or email: info@adventgrp.com.au