Easily Conserve Energy & Reduce its Cost

Welcome to Advent Group

Easily Conserve Energy and Reduce its Cost

Advent Group is a sustainability solutions provider based in Sydney.

We specialize in sustainability within ICT, which is responsible for nearly 2.7% of Australia’s total carbon emissions.

We help conserve energy and reduce the cost of  energy in a faster, easier and more affordable manner than ever before. In addition, we help reduce the carbon footprint for customers across government, education, and commerce sectors. Advent Group also offers tools to create sustainability awareness for staff in terms of reducing their carbon footprint and making sustainability a reality today.

If you are open to a short conversation to see how we can potentially help conserve energy and reduce the cost of your energy from ICT, then you might like to give us a call on (02) 8854 5300 or email: info@adventgrp.com.au

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ICT Sustainability


Advent Group’s ICT Sustainability Divisions value message is more than just words. We have an entire suite of tools, methodologies, and best practices that have proven successful at maximising value for clients around the world.

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Our Partners


Advent Group engages with a small group of OEM’s because they provide an expanded set of cost-effective, leading edge, innovative solutions that enhance and support the delivery of high performance, differentiated solutions to our clients.

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